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Timelapse Video of Construction of San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco’s New Bay Bridge

Recently colleague Andrew Mornin visited the Bay area. While crossing the new Bay Bridge, built in part to replace the old bridge, damaged in an earthquake, he managed to get a few photographs. Some capture the new bridge, others show the complicated process to remove the old bridge.

The link here points to a Google+ post  featuring the photographs.

image (1)

35th Anniversary Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest

Yes, that’s 35 years. The 35th annual contest will be held March 10 2015.

Visit the contest web site for more details.


Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest: 3

Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest: 33rd Annual


New all-time record: Matteo Circo, 273.55 kg (601 lbs)!

Balsa Bridge Contest Resource List

Bridge contest streaming broadcast from March 12 2013

Watch live video from 33rd Annual Bridge Building on web site

Bridges of 2011: (full set) (Flickr set: teams)

Bridges of 2012:

Bridge Basics (large pdf file)

Click to access bridgebasics.pdf

and more bridge basics

Six quick shots from 2012 contest



SimpleBooklet: (sponsors in 2011) (sponsors in 2012) (Bridges of Vancouver)

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

Video 8 (approx 2 min)
Video 9 (approx 1.5 min)
Video 10 (approx. 2.5 min)

Calameo: (sponsor recognition publication)

Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest

Video clip from the March 2011 contest.

Next contest: March 12 2013

Another picture…


Bridges with poster of Pitt Meadows Bridge and interchange for Mary Hill Bypass and Lougheed Highway merger.

Experimenting with embedding of files from

Testing embedding of booklets from the 2010 contest.